What a Special Day!
By Member John Parks
May 19, 2020

A recognition parade for first responders was held Saturday May 16th from noon until 2:00 PM. It included the Franklin Park Police, Franklin Park Fire Company members and McCandless-Franklin Park Ambulance Authority personnel. It came about at the request of a Franklin Park citizen who was insistent upon showing appreciation for first responders during this challenging time. The parade consisted of two squads or routes that covered the majority of the Franklin Park. Each squad was comprised of three police cruisers, at least two fire apparatus and an ambulance.
The parade was overwhelmingly received by the citizens of Franklin Park as hundreds enthusiastically cheered, clapped, and waved while the short but somewhat loud procession passed by. There was even a number of children who dressed up in police and fire uniforms to show their appreciation. Smiles of joy could be seen in every passing vehicle. Thank you signs were notably commonplace. Gratitude was reflected in the faces of both those viewing and of those participating.
Thank you, citizens of Franklin Park, for your continued support!