Disinfectant and reusable mask donations requested.
By Member Andrew Nock
April 16, 2020

For the past 30 days the Franklin Park Volunteer Fire Company has suspended all activities and programs not directly related to emergency response and maintaining our station and equipment in "ready to respond" status. This action was taken to comply with the recommended safety protocols for isolation, separation, and disinfecting to limit the spread of COVID-19.

During this same 30-day time span we have responded to 22 emergencies averaging 18.2 first responders per call. Our emergency calls have ranged from serious structure fires with multiple mutual aid fire companies to the occasional mostly benign "cooking incident". In today's COVID-19 terms that adds up to needing about 400 masks and disinfecting our trucks, gear, equipment and building 22 times in 30 days. This does not include masks and disinfecting supplies used as a result of the need to repair and maintain equipment or to perform essential administrative tasks that keep our company functioning.

To date we have been fortunate to have had timely delivery of replacement supplies in quantities enough to maintain a comfortable buffer supply on-hand. Unfortunately, we are hearing of more and more suppliers of masks and disinfectant experiencing back orders on the following items:

Clorox and/or Lysol Disinfecting Wipes
Disinfecting sprays or concentrates that list Corona Virus
Reusable washable face masks
Hand Sanitizer

In an attempt to avoid any unforeseen shortage in our supply of these materials we are asking our community to watch for these items when doing your normal shopping. If you happen to encounter these items at a store and do not need them for your own use, please keep us in mind as any quantity of these items you may be able to purchase and donate to us is greatly appreciated and will help extend our buffer supply.

We will accommodate a non-contact donation process. For the most timely response in donating materials, please contact our President John Parks at president@franklinparkvfc158.org , or our Chief Bill Chicots at chief1@franklinparkvfc158.org . Alternatively you can call the main station and leave a message at 412-364-5670 (President X102, Chief X101) but be advised there may be a day or two delay before you get a reply as our station is not staffed except for emergency calls.

Although the Franklin Park Volunteer Fire Company and the Borough of Franklin Park Fire Officials Office are two entirely different and independent entities, should you need to immediately speak to someone at the Fire Company about donating these materials during normal business hours, please contact the Borough Fire Officials directly at 412-303-0573. They will get someone from the Fire Company in contact with you as quickly as possible.

Thank you in advance for your generosity,

The members of the Franklin Park Volunteer Fire Company No.1